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 Info about the concert

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More than good
More than good

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PostSubject: Info about the concert   Tue 3 Nov 2009 - 18:59

Everyone from Hyaku Project, Candy Project and Niku Project will be in this concert, so it's a lot of people. We'll colorcode the songs, and they're being colorcoded randomly, since the concert we're dubbing has like way too many people to be able to use the original cast. XD;

Member list;
Boo/Momo (YT: BuLLeTxAnGeL)
Lilmenchi (YT: Lilmenchi)
Kayla (YT: Goraxscene)
Stella (YT: StellaUta)
Michi (YT: hitsugayahinamori)
Ayachan/Ayaka (YT: JapanGaruuz)
Dani (YT: cromartiedropout1)
Meche (YT: lilxicanita)
Merodi (YT: AiMerodi)
Rin (YT: SprinkleCakezzz)
Kayri/Kaychan (YT: alwaysondamove18)
Haruka (YT: HarukaHosho)
Aly (YT: berrycutekinenbi)
Coco (YT: CocoNStorm)
Elena (YT: xXHanaAsunaXx)
Chiyo (YT: xChiyoChii)
Ayuna (YT: ankosama123)
Rae (YT: SinginOnDemand)
Manami (YT: Manami1992)
Aiko (YT: AikoAki)
Rhythm (YT: meknowright)
Yuki (YT: CardcaptorSakura93)
Asuka (YT: AsukaKazamaT)
Hanna (YT: HannaPulla)
Kyttyee (YT: Kyttyee)
Yumi (YT: SugoiiYumiChan)
Diana (YT: lily14895)
Hana (YT: KatieWoW123)
Neko/Daniel (YT: loveneko10000)
Fluff (YT: bunniexxz)
Yume (YT: YumeAngel29)
Nykki (YT: NykkiPoo)
Aiichan (YT: airisuzuki24)
Mokachan (YT: animeobsessed40)
Mati (YT: mati5fooly)
Dendenchan (YT: DENDENchanSHOWtime)
Adu-san (YT: CandyyyProject)
Ada (YT: ad3lutzys15)
Yashura (YT: Yashura)

(... lots of people.)

I will colorcode Tokkaiko Junjou, Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookizo!~, Mikan, Meguru Koi no Kisetsu and LALALA Shiawase no Uta and Kiseki (leader of Hyaku Project) colorcode the rest : )

Me and Kiseki write more when I know more.
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Info about the concert
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